About us

Charity Connect partners you with organizations that support causes you care about. We make sure to choose the charities that best match your search so you don't have to. Together we can change the world, one cause at a time.

What will your impact be?

Spreading Love

By giving to a charity, you are spreading love to those who are desperately in need. Make your giving even more meaningful by donating in memory of a loved one or give your donation in someone's name in lieu of a gift.

Making the World a Better Place

Every donation made can change a life. This change causes a ripple effect of positivity that can then lead to transforming families and entire communities. Your single act of charitable giving can lead to a world of change.

Setting an Example

Charitable giving is an amazing way to set an example for your children, co-workers, family and friends. You can inspire those in your circle to follow in your footsteps and find joy in giving to those in need.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi

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